Quick Reference Guide

What do I need to know to be sure I am prepared for all COSWGA events?  Please read to the end.

COSWGA Players – What Do I Need to Know?

2023 Quick Reference Guide

Who Can Play?

Female golfers, 50 years or older who:

 Are members of a participating Central Oregon Club

 Are members of Auxiliary Clubs

 Have an established USGA 18-hole Handicap Index of 40.4 or less at

that club

 Were members of COSWGA the previous year, but their club left


What if I Belong to More Than One Club?

 Your home course will be the one where the majority of your games

have been played and your handicap established

 Please see COWSGA By-Laws, Article II for membership eligibility

What Does It Cost?

Annual dues determined by the board:

 It is $135. due with renewal form by November 1

 Auxiliary Members: it is $160, due with renewal form by Nov. 1

 Affiliate member: it is $160, due with renewal form by Nov. 1

 Starting December 1 new members are invited to join

What Do I Wear?

 Traditional golf attire, no denim, bottoms no shorter than 4” above


 Tops with a collar, sleeves or both

 Your COSWGA nametag

 Your COSWGA (or other) name tag attached to your golf bag

How Do I Enter or Cancel for Play Days?

 Deadlines are clearly stated on the entry form for each play day in the


 Payment must be included with entry form so that the hosting club can

plan the proper number of breakfasts, lunches, carts, etc.

 If you must cancel less than 7 days prior to play, please do so ASAP. No

refunds can be given for such late cancellations since the hosting club

has already had to commit to food and cart costs.

 Being a ‘no show’ may result in ineligibility for the next play day

What Happens On Play Day?

 All games are individual stroke play

 USGA and local rules govern all play

 World Handicap System applies

 Maximum course handicap for players is 40

 Maximum hole score is Net Double Bogey (par +2 + pops). You pick up

your ball and continue to participate in the tournament.

 Scores are posted for you as Competitive Scores

 Breakfast may be available at each venue prior to play.

 Lunch is served after play. If you choose not to eat, the entry fee is still

the same.

Please note any special dietary requirements on your entry form.

What Can I Win?

 4 Gross and 4 Net places are awarded in each of the four flights: A, B, C,

D. Ties are paid based on the number of players and places affected.

 Dollar amounts for Gross and Net are the same, paid in pro shop award

universal vouchers. Universal vouchers may be redeemed at any

hosting COSWGA golf shop. They expire on November 1 of the current

season year.

o First place - $22

o Second place - $17

o Third place - $12

o Fourth place – all 4 th place finishers receive $5

o Closest to the Pin (KP) and Accurate Drive by flight - $10

Special Event – St. Charles Foundation

Crooked River Ranch play day includes an optional donation and raffle ticket

sales to benefit Heaven Can Wait, a local program (Sara’s Project St. Charles)

that is designed to spread awareness about breast cancer. Wear pink!

Need to Know More?

 Visit the website at www.coswga.com

 Contact your club’s COSWGA representative

 Read the by-laws on the website

 Read the policies and procedures in the booklet

 COSWGA Board Members’ contact information is in the booklet

 Roster of COSWGA members can be also be found in the booklet

Any questions?  Contact your club’s
COSWGA Representative.

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