COSWGA A/Designated Player Responsibility

Any player in the foursome shall be designated the one who keeps the master card, ensures ready golf and assists where needed throughout the round.

Each foursome is to designate a player that is responsible for the official master card and to help monitor pace of play. This normally falls to the A player, the one with the lowest handicap. However, the group can select anyone to take on this responsibility.

Each group is provided a master scorecard and a backup.  All players are responsible for playing ready golf, and track their score.  After each hole is played, each player tells the A/designated player her score for that hole.  The A/designated player records those scores on the master card.  The player with the backup card does the same.  At the end of the round, the scores are double-checked.  The gross and net scores are calculated.  The master scorecard is signed, attested and turned in.

Specifically the A/Designated Player:

  • Ensures pace of play and is empowered to encourage slow players to ‘pick up the pace'

    • Ask a player to be ready and move along faster

    • Ask a player who has reached their maximum score on a hole to pick up and move on. The player is still in the competition.

  • If there is a rules issue other players in the group may offer information on the situation including options under the rules.  If not, the player plays two balls on that hole noting both scores. The Golf Pro or assigned rules official will make the final determination on which score is appropriate.

  • At the end of the round, check that all scores are complete on the master card and agree hole-by-hole with the backup card:

    • Gross score totaled

    • Net score determined

    • Master card is signed and attested

    • Return the master scorecard to the designated area immediately following play.

Local Rule E-5 Alternative Stroke and Distance for a Lost Ball or Out of Bounds

A. Determine Spot B. Find Nearest Fairway Edge C. Drop Your Ball Within where your ball went out no closer to the hole two club lengths of bounds or is likely to (two stroke penalty) be lost.

This option of Local Rule E-5 can only be used if a provisional ball has not been played.

World Handicap System Net Double Bogey Rule 3.1

COSWGA has adopted the USGA Rule 21.2 Maximum Score Rule. As set by the committee, a player’s score for a hole is capped at a maximum of Net Double Bogey (par + 2 + pops), WHS/USGA Rules of Handicapping 3.1. Setting a maximum score per hole greatly effects pace of play. The player can pick up their ball when they have reached their maximum score and continue to participate in the competition.

For example, if you get 2 strokes on a par five hole, your maximum score is 5 plus 2 for the double bogey plus your 2 handicap strokes (pops) for a total of 9. For posting purposes, Golf Genius will automatically adjust and post your score.For posting purposes, Golf Genius will automatically adjust and post your score.

Any questions?  Contact your club’s
COSWGA Representative.

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