COSWGA Rep Responsibilities

If you are the Rep for your club, please read the following to ensure you are managing and communicating the information provided to you and serve as a resourse for your club and its members.


Thank you for serving as your club’s representative for senior ladies golf.

The COSWGA Executive Board appreciates your support of the organization.

Communication is key for a successful season. Please focus on the following areas:



  • Go over the Policies & Procedures and the By-Laws sections of the COSWGA Book.

  • Review the Quick Reference Guide.  It has most of the information that ladies need
    to know about participating in the playdays.

  • Make sure each member understands all membership requirements.

  • Please monitor your member’s participation.

  • Conduct an orientation each spring to prepare members for the upcoming season.

  • Check the Wait List to be sure the names on it are still interested and that their

    information is accurate.


  • Personalize and forward to your ladies the Results from each tournament.

  • Encourage ladies to sign up for the next few events.

  • Forward news and information from the executive board in a timely manner.

  • Collect vouchers after each playday and distribute to winners.

  • Learn to navigate the website ( for organization information, results,
    history, calendar of events and more.


  • Remind your members that if they find it necessary to cancel to do it at least 48 hours in advance. Failure to cancel will result in being ineligible to play in the next tournament.

  • No refunds will be given for cancellations made less than 7 days prior to the date of play since the hosting club had to commit for food and cart costs.

  • Golf Genius can post the tournament scores for all players making any adjustments necessary. The score is marked T for Tournament.

    Pace of Play

  • Maximum score is Net Double Bogey (par+2+pops).  When you reach your maximum, pick up your ball and move on.  Simply put your max score down.  No need to mark it with an X.  You are still in the tournament and can win.

  • Marshalls will be driving around the course with red, yellow and green flags.  Green is good.  Yellow flag - pick up your pace.  A red flag - you are way behind and may need to take your maximum score and skip a hole.

    Annual Quota

    Send a copy of your Club’s July 15th GHIN report to the Vice President by July 30. The VP will send an email reminder to you that the GHIN reports are coming due.

Orientation Meeting Guide Example

Any questions?  Contact your club’s
COSWGA Representative.

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