2021 is COSWGA’s 30th anniversary.  We’ve been going strong for many, many years.

1990 – An open meeting for all women who played golf in Central Oregon was held at Crooked River Ranch Clubhouse in the fall at which time we became organized as Central Oregon Senior Women’s Golf Association. Our board was made up of two members from each of six participating clubs. Nell Howe, from Madras, was the real instigator of the association and was involved for many years.

1991 – We held our first organized play with plays at Madras, Bend CC, Juniper, Crooked River, Prineville CC, and Sunriver. Membership was open to any wom- an age 55 or older, having an established USGA handicap at a Central Oregon course. Our first year we had less than 100 members, but as word got out, the membership grew by leaps and bounds.

1992-93 – We adopted by-laws and by the following year due to popular demand, we had to revise them to read that membership was open only to members of the six participating clubs. Members from other clubs who were on the roster in 1993 were grandfathered-in.

1994 – We had money for an extra play day. Accordingly arrangements were made to play at Awbrey Glen after which they requested to become a participating club.

1995 – We welcomed Awbrey Glen as our seventh participating club. When we drew up the by-laws, we were sure we would grow, so in order to handle the tournaments and be welcomed at the golf courses, we set a limit of 150 mem- bers. In 1995 we had a membership of about 137. Once again we had money for an extra play day and arrangements were made to play at Widgi and like Awbrey Glen, they requested to become a participating club.

1996 – Widgi Creek became the eighth participating club. Our board decided that eight clubs was plenty to manage. A wait list was kept in case any club might drop out.

1997 – We had our first Hole-in-One. It was at Widgi Creek.

1998 – We reached our maximum (150) members and now have a waiting list.

1999 – August 20, our play at Widgi Creek had to be cancelled due to such heavy rains, the golf course would not allow carts on the course, however 80 women showed up to play. This was the first cancellation in our history.

2000 – Our logo designed by Judy Boulet, a Bend CC member, was adopted. We had our second Hole-in-One. It was at Crooked River Ranch.

2001 – Black Butte Ranch and Eagle Crest became participating clubs bringing the total of clubs to ten.

2002 – Another Hole-in-One is added from play at Black Butte Ranch. This makes a total of three to date. Would you believe it! Widgi had to cancel at the last minute due to a storm submerging their carts under water in the storage area. What a disappointment especially for those who worked so hard prepar- ing for hosting their play. Thanks, gals for the efficient way this was handled.

2003 – The membership is now full with a waiting list numbering almost as many members.

2004 – Our fourth Hole-in-One was made at Bend CC.

2005 – Another successful year with yet another Hole-in-One, our fifth.

2006 – Our membership is at full capacity and enjoyed by all who play. We have almost a hundred on the waiting list. We played two extra games this year, one at Juniper, and another at Awbrey Glen.

2007 – Another active year with a full capacity membership. The By-Laws were revamped and a Policies and Procedures document was added. Both are included in the Tournament Book for referral. The dues will be increased to $125.00 as of the 2008 season.

2008 – Working and Progressing. By-Laws change to increase membership to 160. We had two extra games in 2008, Juniper and Sunriver. We also had a weather challenge game at Sunriver with wind, snow, hail, but a brave two- thirds of the field finished.

2009 – Another busy year. Two extra team games this year, Eagle Crest and at Awbrey Glen.

2010 – We are still at full capacity however the wait list has shrunk to 50. We had two extra games this year, Black Butte Ranch and Bend CC.

2011 – Another great year – 20th Anniversary! We continue to celebrate another season of fun golf, good competition, and companionship. The wait list is lower than ever. The one extra game was hosted by Juniper.

2012 –Widgi Creek was the site for the extra game. Unfortunately we lost one of our founding clubs, Bend Golf and Country Club. They, very kindly, donated a professional rendering of our logo, as a parting gift. On a positive note, we accepted Meadow Lakes Golf Club into our membership.  They should be a great addition.

2013 – We welcomed the two reps from our new club, Meadow Lakes, to membership and experience the season. They will host a game beginning 2014. We had two extra team games, Black Butte Ranch and at Eagle Crest. Another fun year with yes, another our sixth Hole-In-One, made at Awbrey Glen. These senior ladies are darn good golfers.

2014 – With a healthy treasury, we had two extra team games, hosted by Sunri- ver and Awbrey Glen. A busy year with changes again. It was the first year for new club Meadow Lakes to host a game. At season end we lost long-term club Black Butte Ranch, but will welcome a new club, Lost Tracks.

2015 – Welcome to our new club Lost Tracks, with reps, new ladies, and hosting a game. Looking forward to a 25 Year Celebration of COSWGA in 2016.  

2016 – Congratulations COSWGA! What an exciting year Celebrating 25 YEARS as an association. Our organization received some nice PR with an article in the Bend Bulletin. We have 2 ladies from the original roster still active, Gen Clements and Betty Cook.

2017 – There was an extra team game hosted by Lost Tracks this season.

2018 – Awbrey Glen hosted the extra team game. Several ladies took part in our “Guesting” policy. We had a Hole-in-One at Eagle Crest, our seventh.

2019 – Membership levels were down so we created a new membership level called Auxiliary. We invited Auxiliary Memberships from Brasada, Bend GC, Broken Top, Pronghorn, and Tetherow. It was a successful undertaking and many were among the winners in tournaments. We did have a Hole-In-One at Eagle Crest, our eighth. And a Team Game was hosted by Juniper.

2020 – First time in our history, the COSWGA golf season was cancelled. The COVID19 pandemic restrictions prohibited group gatherings and so much more. It was quite the challenging year for everyone’s lives. The loyal senior ladies held on. The Executive Board retained their positions for the following year and the dues were carried over to 2021.

2021 – Back in action, we celebrated our 30th anniversary.  Awbrey Glen hosted the team game.  There were two hole in ones on the year. One at Juniper and the other at Pronghorn. We lost two special clubs at the end of the season, Desert Peaks and Lost Tracks.  Players from those clubs will now be Affiliate Members.

** A gavel was donated to COSWGA, by member Lou Stipe to Jean Welby the 2nd COSWGA President, back in 1994. It has been handed over to each new President ever since. The gavel originally belonged Lou Stipe’s aunt Dora when she used it as the Eastern Star Grand Matron of all Oregon Chapters.

2022 - We are excited to announce the addition our newest club, Broken Top.  Welcome Ladies.  With a full roster of 160 participants 2022 is off to a great start.  

Any questions?  Contact your club’s
COSWGA Representative.

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