Policies and Procedures

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Policies and Procedures

Updated December 2023

Medical Leave: (January 12, 2016)
A Member is permitted a 1 year medical leave to care for a ‘severe’ medical problem for herself or a spouse. A request for medical leave must be in writing, to their representative, with an explanation of the problem. This request will be submitted to the Membership Chair prior to 3 weeks before the first date of play for the season. After acceptance, all paid annual dues will be refunded for that year. Members returning from medical leave will be given membership, even if this puts their club over quota for the year. Should a member not be able to return at the beginning of the year following her medical leave year, her name will go back at the bottom of her club’s wait list.

Membership Drop: (October 8, 2010)
Any woman who drops her COSWGA membership, or goes on medical leave, can get her dues refunded as long as she drops out 3 weeks before the first play day, or there are extenuating circumstances. The next eligible player on the wait list will fill the open spot.

Leave of Absence: (October 29, 2021)
COSWGA does not entertain requests for “leaves of absence”.

Personal Solicitation:
The COSWGA member roster may not be used for any personal solicitations.

Quotas: (October 29, 2021)
COSWGA membership is capped at 160 members. In order to be fair to all clubs, a calculation (quota) is done each year to determine the appropriate number of allowable members per club. The # is determined by the # of active 18-hole women in each club divided by the total # of members in all clubs. Then that # is multiplied by the maximum # of members, minus any Affiliate members.

To be counted, a woman must have a current GHIN # and an 18-hole Handicap Index. She cannot be a junior golfer (under age 18), a 9-hole only player, or a player with no handicap.

Wait Lists: (March 1, 2020)
A person currently on the wait list, who changes home club affiliation, will maintain her original application date. Only persons on the wait list are considered for membership for the following year, even if a club is less than 100% of quota.

Team Games: (October 13,2023)
In addition to the regular flighted individual games scheduled, it will be determined each April if money is available in the proposed reserve budget for any team events; if so, money will be allotted and clubs chosen to host the agreed-upon game(s).

New Member Application: (October 8, 2010)
Only club representatives will present signed, completed application forms to the membership chair.

Membership Chair (October 29, 2021)
The Membership Chair will follow the rules as established in May 2003, granting new memberships to clubs according to their membership percentage under quota.

Membership Requirement: (October 13, 2023)
- Each club will be able to set its own rules regarding participation in COSWGA in order to maintain their membership and have enough resources to host a tournament.
- A part-time membership is available for women from COSWGA member clubs for $75 and can start participating in competitions on July 1.
- Up to 30 Auxiliary Members from non-member clubs will be allowed membership. They pay higher membership dues of $160.00 starting in the 2024 season.
- Affiliate (formerly named grandfathered) Member’s dues will be the same as regular members the first year after their club resigns and then match what Auxiliary Members pay.

Tournament Play: (October 29, 2021)
Rules and Etiquette
The USGA Rules of Golf and Rules of Etiquette govern COSWGA play. All COSWGA members are expected to have general knowledge of both and adhere to them during play as it makes the game more enjoyable for everyone. If a player consistently disregards these rules, the COSWGA Executive Board will formally address and document any disciplinary action required, such as barring participation in future play or loss of membership for the player in violation.

Revision Date (October 13, 2023)
Each Tournament Director is responsible for choosing the date of her Tournament. There will be a one week deadline for entry forms.  No refunds after that date.

Guest Policy (October 7, 2016)
COSWGA members can invite a guest to one tournament, once per season. A guest can only be a guest once per season. This guest must meet the eligibility requirements for COSWGA members. The guest pays the tournament fee, plus an additional $10. The member includes the guest entry form and check along with her form. The guest is not eligible for any prizes.

Scoring: (October 29, 2021)
- Math errors on attested scorecards are correctable without penalty, but scores for individual holes cannot be changed. We now have a 2 score card system. One becomes the ‘official' master card and is signed, attested and submitted. A duplicate card is in the other cart as a backup for scoring during the round.
- COSWGA has adopted the USGA Rule 21.2 Maximum Score Rule. As set by the committee, a player’s score for a hole is capped at a maximum of Net Double Bogey (par + 2 + pops), WHS/USGA Rules of Handicapping 3.1. Setting a maximum score per hole greatly affects pace of play. The player can pick up their ball when they have reached their maximum score and continue to participate in the competition. (January 1, 2020)
- Also, for pace of play COSWGA has adopted Local Rule E-5 Alternative to Stroke and Distance for Lost Ball or Ball out of Bounds. Using this local rule enables a player to take relief (for two strokes) for a lost

ball or a ball that is out of bounds rather than using stroke and distance that requires a player to return to the spot where the last stroke was made.
- Scorers need to write WITHDREW on the scorecard to show if a player’s score is out of the competition. (October 5, 2012).

Prizes: (October 13, 2023) A player who withdraws or DQ’s, will be allowed to participate in KP  as long as she has completed 13 consecutive postable holes, which is a postable score. If no one gets a KP the money remains in the treasury.

Posting of Scores: (October 29, 2021)
Tournament Directors are responsible for the posting of all scores of their event as a “competition” score.

Cell Phone Use:
Cell phones may be carried for emergency use only. Ringer should be turned off.

Payout Records/Treasurer’s Recommendations: (October 29, 2021)
In consideration of the treasurer’s records, official ‘scoring forms’ MUST be used and provided to the treasurer by noon the day following the tournament. Any corrections to, or additional award vouchers issued, must be noted on the official scoring forms/awards sheets so that the COSWGA treasurer has a record of it.

Cost of COSWGA Play Dates: (October 29, 2021)
It was decided that every club charge at least $35 for carts and lunch. No refunds will be given to players withdrawing one week or less before a given play day.

Fees to Tournament Directors: (October 13, 2023)
The payment per player will be increased from $15 to $17.

Updates finalized December 9, 2023

Any questions?  Contact your club’s
COSWGA Representative.

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